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Cindy McCambly

  • by gnim
  • November 10, 2016

Amanda Gonzalez, thank you for the supportive words, and the ongoing encouragement. In fact, it is the support and encouragement from every person in “The Box” (to use the lingo!) that makes this place something “Authentique”! It is an aspect of going to a gym that I have never experienced, the comraderie, the praise, the one-on-one attention of the trainers, EVERY workout. This place is something special. I feel ok there to just do my best, I am not competing with anyone else but me. And I have moved this body more in one month than I have in probably 20 years!!! For this, I am so grateful. I got called “an athlete”!!! Can you imagine?! How amazing is that? CrossFit, it’s trainers and people are teaching me to look at myself and my efforts differently, positively. I am encouraged to do MY best. MY best, not compete with someone else’s best. It is truly an amazing vibe and this vibe is making me stronger in more ways than just physically. Balance, self-esteem, strength, pride. I love this place!!!! Thank you for being the one to show me that there is a place where all body shapes/sizes can come in and work hard, do their best, get “high fived” and told “great job” and feel amazing about having been there. (after you get up off the floor, that is!!) haha!!!