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One could argue that any form of yoga is therapeutic – and they would be right. One could argue that almost anything could be a form of therapy (or cross training)… they too would be right.

All that we do and all that we do not do will affect our well and not so well being ☺.

In the program of Yoga in the BOX we give the body lots of opportunities to bring out weak links to the surface and strengthen them. We watch out for stuck patterns of movement (due to injuries, protective mechanisms that once worked for us, but need to be let go off, scar tissues, detrimental habitual postures, degeneration…)
Some of the work feels like physiotherapy, some of it like manual adjustments you get form various body workers. We play with traction work, resistance, lengthening, taking body through planes of movement often not visited … We challenge the joints to become alive and balanced. We give the bones a chance to get a bit thicker; we give the soft tissue a chance to soften a little more. It is quite a banquet – you pick and choose what your body needs. And while the body releases some of its predicaments, the mind comes along for the ride… the two can dance with more ease….
Whether one is an elite athlete and wants to upgrade the performance, increase mobility, strengthen support system for desired activity…. Or….
– one has not done much physically – dwelling in the head in the world of concepts creative ideas, beautiful and not so beautiful worlds… while sitting in the chair for long stretches of time… – YOGA as THERAPY may be of great interest if not necessity.
We take care of our bikes so they ride well; we take care of electronics, cars, motorcycles…. Yet, occasionally …we take our bodies for granted… – they will manage, right???
And they will, but perhaps not exactly thriving….
Often, pain is optional. Living in the mobile, free of pain body, strong, vibrant, healthy is much easier than pushing through headaches, knee funkiness, weak back, shoulder or neck issues… – not terrible, but…
Increasing mobility where it is lacking, stabilizing the joins where there is too much laxity, building intelligent and efficient core… Improves quality of anything you do: crazy sports, daily living, even resting and sleeping.
When the body is strong and relaxed, work and play is easier and enjoyable.

– Basia Going

Yoga Schedule:

Wednesday evening from 6:30-7:30 pm. ** included in unlimited memberships only.
We also offer Punch Passes **5 classes for 50$+ tax.