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Trainer Alex Mahoney-Jolivette



Alex Mahoney-Jolivette

  • Owner, Head Coach, Massage Therapist
  • CrossFit Level 1-2 / NCCP level 1 weightlifting (in progress)

Alex Mahoney-Jolivette

Please welcome our head coach, Alex Mahoney-Jolivette.

Alex was born with skates on his feet and a hockey stick between is hands. His passion and hard work quickly brought him up to the competitive league and participated in the Sport-Etude program throughout his high school years. He began transferring his knowledge and talent to work with other young athletes sharing the same passion as him. He began coaching on his off seasons and quickly got addicted to the drive coaching gave him. Before high school was over, Alex had a hockey injury that caused him to alter his goals and ultimately became a life changing experience for him. It was as if everything had been taken from him, until he found his new passion, CrossFit.
He began coaching in small gyms and learning the sport itself. Shortly after getting involved he obtained his level 1 CrossFit certification, this is when he knew that he was passionate for coaching and that he wanted to spend his life mentoring and teaching people to better their lives by getting fitter and healthier through the CrossFit world.

With all of Alex’s years of coaching, experience, training and knowledge behind him he is excited to start working here with you guys at CrossFit Authentique and to continue to expand on his learning. Watch out for his contagious smile and positive attitude!


Owner / Head Coach 3 Years’ experience CrossFit ***CrossFit Level 1 / NCCP level 1 Weightlifting – in training

Massage Therapist and Technician in Orthotherapy